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Spinning is so much cooler than not spinning.
It has to spin! It's round! I'm the General, and I want it to spin. Now!
You know when I said I had a thing about going out buying new pens and notebooks... er well...damnit, it happened again... I have no self control *snickers* At least the composition books (2) were 50¢ a piece and the pens an 8 pack for 94¢. I dunno why but it just happens....at least I won't run out of either anytime soon...
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Ah hell I found the MOTHERLODE of 200 pics but instead of posting them all I'm just going to post a link to my photobucket account for anyone fangirling/squeeing needs....like mine!

Am SO making icons after *200* airs

But I will post this one just because well....yeah *giggles*
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and anything else I wanted to post maybe too spoiler-ish.

All of my Episode *200* pics

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Over the past month or so I've been scouting around LJ (and other blogs around the internet) I've found many spoiler pics or caps of promos for the 200th episode and so as this is the last day before the episode airs I'd though I'd post everything I've found regarding it. And it does contain the TV Guide articles. 11 pics in all.

Fair warning: If you want to remain spoiler free do NOT click the LJ-Cut!

The Prettiest of the Pretties!Collapse )

Yes I love the pigtails.

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Trying to think of a couple of sort-of SG like usernames for a new main LJ, I've kind of deserted my old *main* journal, and I don't update this one much although I'd never abandon it. I just want to start fresh I've already thought of a couple. Both kind of silly one is from a lyric of Dixie Chicks song (pink_rv) and another describes how an ascended being looks like (glowy_squid hah!) Maybe I'll be able to come up with one after I see this weeks upcoming 200th episode of SG-1.

Although I've never (well not truly anyway, well, not all the way though) seen an episode of Firefly or Farscape I've looking forward to their takes on those characters. Did I mention another username I'm considering is boil_the_sea ? man I just like the song and if given the TV series DVDs and the movie I could easily be sucked into the Firefly/Serenity fandom ....cause anything that had Alan Tudyk (from A Knights Tale LOVED HIM) can't be all bad right?

Oh yeah babbling I do that very badly this time of night/morning.

Either way I'm really hyper that I finally get to see Part 1 of the 2-parter SG-1 series premiere. OMG Geeky Daniel straight off of Abydos *squee*...oh yea I've had it BAD for Archaeologist's!

Am planning to do a Egypt-thon soon That includes both Mummy movies, and of course (well DUH!) movie that started it all Stargate!!! And as much as I love Jonesy I don't have that particular trilogy on DVD so it looks like I'll have to suffer......even though I only like the Egypt part of Raiders and ADORE absolutely ADORE The Last Crusade.......Yes I love Season 9 and now 10 of SG-1....what of it?

Ooooh babbling again, man I really must hit that wicked looking mattress right about now...... *facemattress*

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Oh and BTW it really surprises me that no one (That I know of) even MENTIONS that Richard Kind (he played Lucius on Atlantis tonight....no I don't watch it all that much but I wanted to see if it had any mention from the crossover tonight....guess not) that he has actually had another part in the StarGate galaxy before.......

Thats right he DID! He played Gary Meyers in the Stargate Movie! (one of the team of Archaeologists/Linguists that couldn't crack the Gate address in 2 years (hah it only took Daniel 2 WEEKS!)

Right had to share that news, getting tired/sleepy had an odd day.
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