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don't mind me, I'm always this silly when I've been awake 16 hours straight - Spinning is so much cooler than not spinning.
It has to spin! It's round! I'm the General, and I want it to spin. Now!
don't mind me, I'm always this silly when I've been awake 16 hours straight
Trying to think of a couple of sort-of SG like usernames for a new main LJ, I've kind of deserted my old *main* journal, and I don't update this one much although I'd never abandon it. I just want to start fresh I've already thought of a couple. Both kind of silly one is from a lyric of Dixie Chicks song (pink_rv) and another describes how an ascended being looks like (glowy_squid hah!) Maybe I'll be able to come up with one after I see this weeks upcoming 200th episode of SG-1.

Although I've never (well not truly anyway, well, not all the way though) seen an episode of Firefly or Farscape I've looking forward to their takes on those characters. Did I mention another username I'm considering is boil_the_sea ? man I just like the song and if given the TV series DVDs and the movie I could easily be sucked into the Firefly/Serenity fandom ....cause anything that had Alan Tudyk (from A Knights Tale LOVED HIM) can't be all bad right?

Oh yeah babbling I do that very badly this time of night/morning.

Either way I'm really hyper that I finally get to see Part 1 of the 2-parter SG-1 series premiere. OMG Geeky Daniel straight off of Abydos *squee*...oh yea I've had it BAD for Archaeologist's!

Am planning to do a Egypt-thon soon That includes both Mummy movies, and of course (well DUH!) movie that started it all Stargate!!! And as much as I love Jonesy I don't have that particular trilogy on DVD so it looks like I'll have to suffer......even though I only like the Egypt part of Raiders and ADORE absolutely ADORE The Last Crusade.......Yes I love Season 9 and now 10 of SG-1....what of it?

Ooooh babbling again, man I really must hit that wicked looking mattress right about now...... *facemattress*

Mood: silly silly

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